You are about to discover a multidisciplinary artistic reflection on phenomena in the process of metamorphosis or disappearance. This is endless growing space. It grows on the basis of artistic research, mindfulness, and collaboration. It grows whenever it wants to. It grows silently, or soundful. It grows visually or invisible. Feel welcome to listen, plant, and research with us.

What had we lost to find?
Vartan Markaryan
Crossystem Thai-Tai Pham, Naomi-Elisha Wiener, Abel Korinsky

The Lost Family
Hanna Shumska

o.T. 01-10
Anna Perepechai

Paul Melzer, Naomi-Elisha Wiener, Thai-Tai Pham

La Sorciere
Ani Samperi
Anatolian Village
Linda Dedkova
Vasylyna Buryanyk
Open air exercise
Olia Fedorova
In Closure
Maryna Makarenko
Comfort Zone
Mariana Savchenko
My grandfather’s skin
Yana Bachynska
What had we lost to find?