is about sharing knowledge of artistic research methods and forming a real common space. It’s about planting seeds of thoughts to open up and focus on vital aspects of our society. It is about rooting in art, exchange and collaboration.


Oleh Barasii

Jana Kühn

Viktoriia Medvedko
Olga Polyak

TWO ROOTS — AN ARTISTIC RESEARCH was sowed as an idea of initiating an interdisciplinary artistic collective rooted in Germany and Ukraine. Our meeting points should have been the Ukrainian Carpathians and Chernivtsi city to host a two week artistic residency. Here our collective was supposed to research the question ‘What had we lost to find?’ while contrasting urban and natural environments.

Due to the circumstances of 2020 we were forced to resettle from our initial location to an online dimension. Thus, we ended up broadening the horizons of the research into more than 16 public, private, online and real life spaces.

Our focus was drawn on fragile processes, thoughts, movements, growings, objects, practices, moments, experiences, which are in a process of change or disappearance. Within September 2020 we explored these phenomena through the perspective of contemporary dance, writing, video art, photography, conceptual art, experimental music, performance, media art, and much more.

You are very much welcome to discover the outcomes of our research within this online exhibition space.

‘Human is the only plant that has roots in the sky.’ 

Dimitris Papaioannou


The project is organized by NGO ‘Ukrainian-German Cultural Society’ at the Centre Gedankendach (Chernivtsi, Ukraine) in a collaboration with ‘die Villa’ gGmbH (Leipzig, Germany) and funding programme ‘MEET UP! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters’ with a financial support of the German Federal Foreign Office, the Robert Bosch Foundation, and the Foundation ‘Remembrance, Responsibility, and Future’