Mariana Savchenko

Mariana Savchenko
music, performance

is a musician, sinologist, producer, and performance artist from Kyiv.

Initially trained in classical music and opera, Mariana has expanded her musical practice to jazz, musical theatre, free improvisation, world music, experimental, electronic, and electroacoustic music.

From 2008 to 2019, Mariana lived in Beijing, working in academia and performing arts education, and as an independent artist. She has served as a music and artistic director for over 40 theatre productions and has been involved in numerous multidisciplinary projects as a vocalist, songwriter, choral conductor, arranger, and sound artist.

Her performances and works have been featured at CCTV, BTV, Phoenix TV, Tianjin International Jazz Festival, Wuzhen Theatre Festival, and Beijing’s independent music and art scene.

Mariana currently resides in Kyiv, where she works in the jazz music industry. Her artistic practice focuses mainly on electroacoustic music, sound art, and performance art (primarily in collaboration with PostPlay Theatre and PostPlay Lab).

Her major concern is the research nature and social impact of her art projects.

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