Vartan Markaryan

Vartan Markaryan
visual art, installation, VR

is an interdisciplinary artist from Poltava, Ukraine. In his practice, Vartan works with painting, graphics, installation, video, VR and explores man in the urban industrial environment.

Currently, he is interested in posthumanism, paying particular attention to the problems of war, emigration, ecology, and the synergy of all these concepts in the modern context.

“I believe that these topics have a dynamic nature of interaction and a certain specificity of consequences. One event gives rise to another. The chain of needs for resources and territories dictates an aggressive policy. In turn, it is sprayed with a poisonous mixture of total war.”

Vartan often works with different media. He believes that each topic has a characteristic material to fully convey the essence, form, emphasize the idea, and focus on yourself. All of this determines the ability of a viewer to perceive information most accurately.

“The ability to combine different tools opens up many possibilities: to fantasize, to reflect through artistic language, to see what is happening around us now, to look into the future, to create a new reality.”

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